I wish I could say I am back after a long break but it won’t be the truth. Yes, I am back with soul-searching thoughts, which are not mine though I wish they were. The words are so beautiful that you would want to be with someone and discover their naked soul. 

By Aanchal Mittal

She was strong. She worked like anyone else and enjoyed a glass of wine as much as she liked her whisky. She spoke her mind and laughed out loud. She cried too just the world did not know. She was a shoulder to cry on as much as she was the person to handle a fight. She stood for herself and accepted if at fault. She spoke her heart out very rare only not to have a listener. She danced to no music as much as she took a lonely walk. She was what she felt.

She was often called as the man in any relationship. All she asked was not to be insulted. She was a happy woman living her life not understanding how did it make her a man. Last she knew she was very much a woman in every possible manner. She went out on dates as much she took out a man as well.Yet each date ended up being friend with the intimidated men. She had men in life all just good friends.

She asked questions which wouldn’t be answered. She had all she made for her. She was different as they said but not knowing how. She was given the right to ask yet none had the courage to give. She loved with all she had and lost what she made. She still looked for that hand to guide her through. She still liked those stolen kisses every now and then. She liked getting flowers as much as she enjoyed roaming streets with balloons. Well, she was strong yet not invincible.

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