The other day I had my first Indiblogger meet to attend and I couldn’t decide which bag to carry with my ikkat dress from Bhane: a personal favourite in my wardrobe. After rummaging and rejecting all the options, I zeroed in on my new duffel bag courtesy Brandless .

Brandless Bhane5a

It might seem like a huge bag for a casual evening with a room full of strangers, but then who said that I believe in being conventional?! I definitely do not travel light even for a meeting rather a networking event. I have to have my diary to scribble riveting thoughts, carry my DSLR, wallet (because there are no free lunches), and every possible thing I can get my hands while rushing out of the home.

Brandless Bhane2a

Most of the time my mom feels that one day I will leave for a trip with all the essentials stuffed in the bag and she won’t even realise because no one has ever heard of me travelling with only a duffel bag in tow. It is that spacious!

Brandless Bhane1a

If just in case you have had enough of the fast paced life and looking to sneak out for a much needed break then it will prove to be your perfect partner in crime for an adventurous trek or a swim in the sea.

Brandless Bhane4a


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