I harbour an unbridled passion for luxury, class, and timeless beauty and I found all three wrapped in the most divine piece of leather, which has become an inherent part of me. The smell of leather is so raw and alluring while the touch can only be described as sinful. Sigh! Who do I thank for this exotic creation? They go by the name Brandless and have the most divine collection. I am hooked!

Brandless possesses the potion to indulge your senses with its gorgeous line of  travel gear, backpacks, and what not. You have to see it to believe!

tracks duffel1

I am a sucker for everything vintage because it holds in its folds a beautiful story, which is told time and again but never loses its charm. A train journey is everything old and vintage. It will take you to your chosen destination, but the revelations during the journey have always been something of a mystery stepping out of the shadows. And no journey is complete without the travel gear you carry, at least not for me. My duffel is not just a piece of luggage to be nudged under the seat but it is the treasure trove of everything that I bring back from travelling far and wide; a lone shell from the beach, sunrise when I am barely awake, a cup of chai from a roadside vendor, but most importantly it is the constant friend who helps me weave a new dream while cherishing the old ones.


Well, speaking of train journeys which were an integral part of our childhood, I am thinking and trying to recall the last time I was this excited about choosing a backpack. Maybe never this bonkers because no one ever told me that you could actually flaunt backpacks made of leather as well as a striking mix of leather and grey tweed. Damn! In school all I had to do was choose the colour of the bag but here the matter is of great concern. How am I supposed to let go of the classy leather for the gorgeous tweed or vice versa? Such luxurious assets demand to be taken to equally beautiful destinations and only then can I pass a verdict. It can house my clothes, diary, DSLR, and a few knick knacks for something as short as a weekend trip. Or maybe I can just walk around the city and see which bag turns the maximum heads. I am game for both the ideas… what about you?

tracks both 1



There is something ethereal about twisting tracks and passing scenery. The memories from a journey charms you into encasing it in pictures only to reminisce over it later. I can’t help but fall in love with every frozen memory telling its own story. Just the way the beauty of a  picture is enhanced by its frame (rustic and vintage for me), similarly a camera too deserves a luxurious home. A combination of tweed and leather looked resplendent and it wrapped around my baby like a dream. Now, every journey out of home seems more meaningful for I have two of my most priced possessions giving me company.

camera bag1

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