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Wedding Wedding anyway is such a hullabaloo right from the time your family starts their guy/girl hunt. Well, easy for everyone if you find someone on your own… At least it saves the parents the headache of finding ‘the one’ whose imperfections are perfectly in sync with yours. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that planning the big day will still be mind boggling. The bride, groom, and their respective families have a never-ending list of things to do that would have any sane person swear off wedding for a lifetime. But, we humans love to make such mistakes!

Wedding is equivalent to clothes and it isn’t just yours that you need to worry about but of the other side as well. If we are grown up enough to get married then why is there a need to choose clothes for others? I know we call them “gifts” but still doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t forget to add food, décor, jewellery, obscenely expensive gifts as well to the list. Amidst this and the courtship, how are the couples finding the time to flaunt on just one but a gamut of social media platform? *Just curious* Facebook, of course, has been the time tested way to announce your relationship status: be it single, committed, complicated, engaged, or married. In any case one does receive appropriate comments peppered by a few dumb ones too. Now, Facebook isn’t enough any more. There has to be a twitter handle with a dedicated hash tag for Instagram as well where it is mandatory to tell the world about each and every private moment spent. I am sure the satisfaction and glow comes only after all the oohs and awws.

There is no doubt that internet is ruling our every waking and sleeping moment too, but isn’t it taking things too far by creating a website about the couple and their big day?! It is an insider’s guide for the world about their love story, families’ thoughts, anecdotes, and what not. I find it quite amusing.

We have apps for food, travelling, clothes, décor, music, movies, and sex too. It still works, but an app for your wedding? Seriously?! After all this what’s the need for apps as well? Going a ‘little’ overboard aren’t we?

I love candid photography and also the short beautiful films to cherish for a lifetime. However, capturing these beautiful memories is an art that only a few people have mastered, but no one can paint the canvas like The Wedding Filmer. There aren’t enough words to describe their work, which is nothing short of a masterpiece. But there are many out there who with imitation and poor conceptualization make it look like an animated video rolling on fast forward.

The entire fiasco seems like a product launch where we tend to use any and every means under the sun to inform the world about the new thing in the market lest someone misses it. So, wedding is no longer an emotional affair but something commercial that needs marketing gimmicks to create its place in the rat race and also, keep the world entertained.

Hope you have a beautiful life ahead!

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