I am not a mother and the only experience (s) I have had with babies has been with my nieces and nephews. I have changed diaper, crooned a few lullabies till they wandered off into the dreamland, and enjoyed the blabbering and mind blowing singing as well. My love for them is unconditional. Sure, these experiences and the time spent do not form even the tiniest particle in the Universe when compared to what moms and dads really do. Actually, there is no comparison. Yet, I feel that it is high time that we stop and think because kids are being put in the fast lane from the very day they are born. It is time to slow down.

I sit and reminisce the days when in the evening my eyes used to be trained on the clock and ears perked to pick the slightest of sound or movement outside my room. You see 6 pm was the time for me to create insane amount of ruckus with my cousins.  There were 11 of us… Beat it! The games we used to play where fights ensued only to be forgotten the next day. We too owned the hand held video game on which we used to play ‘Tetris’, but it was Ooch Neech ka papda, chhupan chhupai (Hide ‘n’ Seek), Bandar Chhoo, Hopscotch and the likes of it that we preferred over the tiny screen.

Today, when I look around it saddens me to see kids as young as two years old hooked on to the gadgets. Now, it is a must to own an ipad! We used to sweat, huff, and run to score a basket through the ring on terrace that served as our makeshift basketball court. However, the kids these days have a different way of playing and excelling at sports. The other day my 7 year old nephew was boasting about being an ace at basketball. Quite intrigued by this my sister asked him that where exactly did he play every evening and with a straight face he replied, “On my Ipad.” I pity them because their world seems quite restricted by gadgets.

Who said that fashion was meant for adults only; now we have kids walking the ramp too. It is hard to resist those adorable bow ties, suspenders, jumpsuits, tiny skirts, dresses etc. I for sure love watching the little ones trotting around in all their glory. A few months ago I was invited over hi-tea to celebrate a year old kid’s birthday. It was quite a cosy affair with close friends and family. After a while, in marched women who looked like they had stepped out of Page3 followed by their kids being escorted by the maids. I must say that mothers today know how to create a statement and make sure their kids do so too. The little girls there wore chic dresses, glittery hairbands, and carried handbags as well. Handbags? Seriously? Quite appalling if I may say so. I sat there watching the little girl nibbling onto finger foods and I couldn’t believe my eyes because her nails were painted blood red. Little boys on the other hand have it easy except during formal events where they are too dolled up in sherwani, suits, and what not. Seriously, they do not need to grow up but the parents do.

I really want to ask the parents out there that why are we forcing the children to grow up faster than needed? Why aren’t we letting them cherish the small moments and wait eagerly for the big changes rather than burdening them with something as superficial as make-up, bags, latest trends etc.

An acquaintance’s son prefers the maid’s company over his parents’. It was quite hilarious to see the way he threw a huge tantrum when the maid left him with his parents for a minute or two; they looked on helplessly because the kid refused to settle down in their arms and continued to howl for the maid. A story that most parents won’t be too happy to share or probably they just might! Babysitters or maids have become an integral part of all most every kid’s life off late. Funny thing is that be it a celebratory dinner at a high end place, wedding, or  much needed vacation  – the maid is omnipresent. I agree that life has become extremely fast paced and parents are required to multi task like never before. But then is your kid equivalent to a precious piece of luggage whose presence is quintessential albeit there is keeper round the clock to keep an eye on it? If yes and you aren’t too keen on altering your lifestyle for this lifelong responsibility then contraceptives is the way to go.

All said and done, we need to stop and reassess our logics and thoughts because the fast lane in which we have left the kids to fend for themselves will end up in nothing short of disaster.

Hope you have a safe drive ahead!


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