I am unable to write. There I have accepted it. I have a zillion thoughts playing peekaboo in my head but not one is close enough for me  to catch. They dance at the edge of my mind but keep eluding me. My worst nightmare as a writer has come true and I can’t do much about it.

Yes, I have tried every trick in the book to crush this bloc but to no avail. Quaffed countless cups of green tea (First Flush turned out to be my favorite), done away with all the distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… you name it and I have turned my back on anything and everything that can entice me. Did it help? No, Sir! On the contrary it gave me 10 new thoughts to dwell upon. My mind looks nothing short of a playground at the moment.

If I come to think of it now then it is not all that bad. See, while cajoling my brain to unleash its creative bend, I ended up learning the delightful art of doodling. Happy, sad, surprised, puppy face… I can draw it all. Brilliant no!?

I have perfected the beautiful task of daydreaming too. In just a few seconds, I can envision any scenario from the beginning to end; for all you know in a matter of few days I might turn into an exceptional scriptwriter. So, all is not lost.

All this while wondering about what to write, I managed to resume my training in Kathak under the legend of classical dance, Pt. Birju Maharaj. Unfortunately, I had to leave it midway because of the stupid pothole in the middle of the road that had me putting my ankle on months of bed rest.

Oh! I have also done away with my hesitation and anxiety over swimming with arms and legs flailing for help. Then there is bathroom singing, cooking – without burning much- and the list goes on. Not bad right?!

Mind you, I have also perused all the blogs trying to soothe your churning emotions and help you sail past this bloc. Unfortunately, staring at my laptop screen and the walls around is my only solace. Now, do you believe me that I can’t write? Imagine, I haven’t come up with even a single world all this while. Beat it!

I forgot to mention my foray into the adventurous world of startups. It has been nothing short of riding the rising and falling waves in my handmade boat full of excitement and insecurities. I design and customise planters and they are absolutely gorgeous; I retail them under the brand name GreenOBahaar. Someone taught me to never be shy in promoting your hardwork!

Well, time to break free of this bloc and indulge into some constructive thinking before my mom throws me out of the home again.


2 thoughts on “I FACED IT TOO

  1. it always happens a point comes when you start hating or ignoring , what you love the most at that point you need is just a break from all these and be calm , life demands time for ourself so spend some quality time with yourself rather allowing your mind boat to sail over the seas of thoughts with waves of others 😉

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