Mourning The Living

My mother lost her father. The world was resonating with cheers and shouts to welcome the New Year while the home where my mom grew up was echoing with a deafening silence. The same morning we too had a reason to celebrate: my nanaji (maternal grandfather) was being discharged after a prolonged stay at the hospital. He had suffered a heart attack. The doctor saw nothing wrong in letting him go home and be amidst the family.

Naani (maternal grandmother) along with my mom was enroute to the hospital where they were greeted with hysterical sobbing and ashen faces because nanaji had gone into a cardiac arrest only to leave behind an abyss. No one had anticipated that the whole world will crashing down because you just don’t ever do.

It was a huge loss for the whole family and a pretended loss for rest of the world that called themselves family. I am sure in this hour of grief these words seem harsh but I believe this is exactly the time when you are officially introduced to the hypocrites and gossip mongers. I met these idiots in the prayer meet organized for my granddad.

In this fast paced world it is hard to do without a smartphone; it is more of a necessity than someone’s presence or absence. I learnt it the hard way and was quite disappointing. An hour long prayer meet just doesn’t ask for much except for you to stay quiet in the memory of the departed soul. Of course even keep aside the gadgets too; I am sure was quite difficult to comprehend for the dimwits. These include relatives, friends, etc. and I feel no remorse in calling out such fools. They were not kids because even children a lot more sensitive to someone’s grief. But these people unabashedly were busy indulging their trashy sense of humor. I am sure such imbeciles cannot have anything sane and classy to say. A joke on Whatsapp (obviously they won’t be discussing world politics), talking about the features of their new phones that I am sure they don’t know how to operate, and well other bullshit things. Oh! There was this one ‘gentleman’ who had the audacity to answer his phone and chat at length. Bravo to such so-called ‘respectable’ men. I glared at two of them with all the disgust that I could muster – since they were the unfortunate ones who ended up meeting my eye – and I had the pleasure of see them squirm. What bliss!

Some people are blessed with divine stupidity or they simply evolved like that. Anyway, please tell me that who talks about a wedding at the time of funeral?! Yes, it did happen. There was a man, apparently someone extremely close to the family, who decided to lecture me on my weight and how it won’t be in sync with my wedding. He was most concerned about my stress and stamina which my weight wouldn’t be able to cope with. I wonder what kind of stamina he was really talking about… I wish that I had asked him.

My patience was sorely being tested because another woman decided to do a detailed analysis on how much did my mom weigh when she was my age. Like seriously?! All this happening while my naani was still trying to come to terms with her loss.

I feel these instances depict a sheer lack of sensitivity and absence of humanity. Such people have made me realize that hypocrisy is for sure leading the herd and that’s the way it will always be or even worse.

Bless the departed souls, but especially the ones who are still alive.


2 thoughts on “Mourning The Living

  1. You will find these type of dim wits everywhere from family and outside family and dear, loss is for those who are really close , a heart to heart relation , rest all comes just for social drama and seen all this very closely . Just take care of yourself and your family and ignore such characters those who start giving baseless ‘gyaaaan’ .


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