An Exotic Feast

This night should never have come to an end. It for sure made it to my list of nights to remember. There was excitement, love, emotions, laughter, an element of surprise, and two hot men. One is a Michelin Star Chef and the other the king of the gadget world. Former is as dishy as his dishes or even more so while the latter has a suave and electric presence akin to the gadgets he is always surrounded with. The one thing common between the two was their charm.They had pocketful of it and so many beautiful women under one roof had them drawing on the reserves.

I am talking about Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni who were the hosts for the evening. I believe they need no further introduction. If I may say so then they set the stage on fire.

Vikas and Rajiv

Microsoft Lumia in association with WOW (Women On Wanderlust) and Bloggers’ Mind hosted a beautiful evening at Diwan-I-Khas, Taj Mahal to mark the launch of snazzy apps by Microsoft. A total of five apps were demonstrated and each turned out to be absolutely brilliant.

Lumia Apptasting

The first app is a prankster’s delight because it allows you to swap faces in a picture or two pictures and produces rib-tickling results. I couldn’t stop laughing when Rajiv swapped the faces of two women who had volunteered to pose for the app.

Everyone loves to be clicked, but what’s better when we manage to get an Instagram perfect picture. The second app turned out to be a mixed bag and also a spoilsport for the photo bombing people. It not only gives a perfect picture but happily removes all the unwanted people from the picture. I just got my to-die-for profile picture!

Weekend is round the corner and there is all-night partying on your mind. Oops! But how to decide who is the least buzzed to drive and what if you are running solo? Well, party harder because Microsoft has come to your rescue. All you have to do is install this fabulous app before you put on your party shoes. At the time of heading home – hopefully you are tiny bit in your senses – walk around a little without breaking any bones and the app will tell you how drunk you are. It also lets you send a message to the designated driver to get you back home safe and sound.

The globe trotters can breathe easy because Microsoft has launched the perfect device to make your journey glitch-free. Sync the device with your smartphone before placing that tiny gadget in your document holder that houses the passport, visa, and other life-savers. God forbid but if you misplace this most important piece of luggage then not to panic… maybe a little. The device will send the location to your smartphone and you can track it with ease.

Oh! I was the volunteer for the last app and won a fitness watch from Goqii for my fast walk out of the room. Yayy!

It just wasn’t about the technology and apps. Vikas and Rajiv had quite hilarious quizzes and activities planned for the night. The first activity was called Nine and a half minutes tasting where four women from the audience were called on stage and blindfolded. Vikas asked them to guess the vegetables he held in front of them by touching and smelling. It wasn’t by any means a simple affair.

Nine And A Half Minutes

The jokes and smutty innuendos that followed were definitely not meant for the kids. However, women enjoyed every bit of it and were ready with their lascivious comebacks irrespective of their age. I have never had such an amazing time.

Nine And A Half Minutes1

Who can refuse desserts specially when it has been prepared by Vikas Khanna and he was the one feeding it… not just with a spoon but his beautiful fingers too. He looked as sinful as those desserts. Almost all hands shot up when Rajiv called for volunteers. In the end both the men went around the room and made their own pick of gorgeous women. They too were blindfolded and were asked to recognize the ingredients in the dish. Well, food tasting must never have been so eventful for anyone.

These men danced, sang and joked with all of us and made this evening quite memorable.

Lumia Apptasting event

There was a big surprise in store for all of us; a goodies bag that had the most amazing gift for all who love and admire Vikas Khanna, and also for technology aficionados. World Feast: the latest cookery bible by Vikas Khanna was the cherry on the cake for me.

Vikas Khanna

I couldn’t have asked for more, but I did get a lot. Please let your jealousy turn the darkest shade of green because I not only had my copy signed by him but also have in store a beautiful selfie with him. I got a picture, actually three, with Rajiv Makhni too. He is one of the most good-looking and humble man. The bag was more like a treasure box because there was a coffee mug and luggage tag from WOW, a mind-blowing portable speaker from Nokia, and a beautiful picture that I got clicked in front of the pyramids.

Goodies Bag

World Feast

Our magnificent evening was rounded up with the preview of Fifty Shades of Grey, wine, and a mouth-watering spread of dishes.

I will round-up my post with a big thank you and hugs to all those amazing people who put together such an incredible event for us.