Other Side of the Mirror

This is the Fourteenth chapter of the series that has been written as a part of Blogadda’s event #CelebrateBlogging. I belong to the team “Tandem Tensome”. You can read the previous chapter here : Chapter 13

Roohi was quite reluctant to leave the puppy at Mr Ahuja’s home because it had become her best friend with whom she could share her secrets. Looking at her downcast face Mr. Ahuja decides to cheer her up. “Hey Roohi! How about if I bring along the puppy to your home tonight? While we have dinner you can take him to your room and play for as long as you want. What say?” asked Aryan Ahuja. Roohi jumped in joy and hugged Mr Ahuja. His eyes took over a mysterious glint, which he deftly concealed lest Shekhar saw through his ominous plans. He patted Roohi on the back and kissed her on the head before bidding her farewell if only for a few hours. Shekhar, who was oblivious to Mr Ahuja’s evil intentions, seemed even more impressed with his neighbor’s efforts to make his daughter smile. He couldn’t help but wonder that how could God be so unkind and leave such a nice man bereft of a family. Shekhar thought to himself that Mr Ahuja would have made a wonderful father. Once Shekhar and Roohi left, Mr Ahuja shut the door and took two stairs at a time while whistling to himself; he looked like a child who had hit a jackpot of candies. In his case he was about to lay his hands on something he had been eyeing for months, the right time had come now in disguise of a dinner. Mr Ahuja by profession customized games for children and was one of the biggest importers of the games that were very hard to find. He was a handsome man in his 30’s for whom money and power had never been an issue. His showroom was every child’s dream world and he even stocked a few things at home too that served his purpose. On the first floor, Mr Ahuja walked down a long corridor and entered a room on the right. It looked like a mini toy shop but had an eerie feel to it. No one was allowed to enter the room, not even for dusting and cleaning; Mr Ahuja used to clean it himself. He had memories attached to this room because it was in this very place that had led to his wife’s death. If only she hadn’t threatened to expose his addiction to the world, they would have lived happily ever after with a family of their own. Alas! Not everyone gets to live a fulfilling life. “I should think of happy things before executing my plan. Bless me my darling! Pray that I succeed.” Mr Ahuja laughed while talking to himself. He had found out from Shekhar that Roohi was quite fond of Lego blocks and his showroom had received the perfect game for Lego enthusiasts. He wrapped it in a beautiful wrapping paper to gift it to Roohi over dinner. Mr Ahuja planned to teach her a thing or two. Meanwhile Shekhar got busy with dinner preparations but not before he had sent Roohi to study for a while. He had started cooking as a necessity when he had decided to be a freelancer and stay at home for Roohi; but soon the necessity became a hobby that turned into a passion. Now, he enjoyed writing his own recipes. Shekhar wanted to wind up work at the earliest because he had offered to pick up Cyrus and Jennifer from their respective addresses for dinner. Jennifer resumed her research on Nikhil Rathod after finishing the work assigned by Tara; she hadn’t let her sit in peace even for a minute. “Thank God, Tara is leaving for a meeting tonight. Now, for the next two days I can concentrate on my research” thought Jennifer to herself.  Nikhil hadn’t left her mind for even one second since morning. She read and re-read each and every post on his blog but drew a blank about his identity. Even from the ‘About Me’ section on the blog all she could gather was that he was full-time blogger who loved to explore the unknown and was born with an adventurous streak. She knew nothing but his name for even a search on the social media didn’t generate any results. His blog catered to more than one genre; rather he experimented with everything that caught his fancy. There were posts about food, travelling, photography, gadgets, sports, restaurants, liquor… and a few about kids too. It seemed a little odd to Jennifer because so far it had seemed to be a man’s den and posts about children didn’t gel well with rest of the posts. Jennifer shook her head because it was least of her concern. She continued her research in the hope of finding the smallest information that could lead her to Nikhil Rathod, the man who has been eluding her for so long. After endless cups of coffee and never-ending research, Jennifer lost track of time. When she had all but given up hope for the day, a name caught her eye that made her frown in confusion. A click on the link and all the color drained from her face. Team logo Tandem Tensome “Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.” 

Read the next part of the story here.

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