Aspri Spirits: Midori Bartending Competition

A while ago I was invited for a cocktail event organized by Aspri Spirits at B-Bar. It called in bartenders from all over Delhi to show their creativity and mantle in the  field of bartending. First, let me tell you about Aspri. It is one of the leading distributors of premium wines, spirits, and beer in the country and was established in 2004. The company is promoted by two of the industry’s finest professionals Mr Jackie Matai, seasoned entrepreneur, and Mr Arun Kumar, an experienced industry professional. The company aims to be the finest in wine and beverage industry.

It was at the event I met Ashwani, the then head bartender of b-bar who was also the winner of the competition. After a long chat with him I learnt quite a bit about life of a bartender and he also shared with me his most prized possession: the recipe of his winning drink.



Midori – 30ml

Pear Vodka – 30ml

Marischino liqor – 10ml

Vanilla Syrup – 10ml

Kiwi – 1pc

Egg white

Apparently Midori was the new launch by Aspri Spirit, which was an essential component of the cocktails and all the participants had to use it. There were those who performed flawlessly while a few lost their cool and stumbled under stress. I quite enjoyed the event because there was so much to learn considering I am not a cocktail person.

Ashwani shared his travelling stories, career graph, and also how does he figure out preferences of different guests. Bartending looks like a glamorous job, but it is no cakewalk; long hours, unruly guests, standing for hours at end, at times sleepless nights, and the pressure of being innovative.

So, if the heat is getting too much to handle then this might be your favourite drink for the season.