The Other Side By Saffola Masala Oats

I love weekends! Well, of course who doesn’t, but my last Saturday was extra special. The credit for that goes to Saffola. I was invited for the THE OTHER SIDE hosted by Saffola Masala Oats – a bloggers’ meet to promote healthy eating. I didn’t have to be asked twice to attend the event because all it took was a name for me to accept the invite. The name and the owner of that name are admired globally. He is none other than the celebrated chef Vikas Khanna, who rules the heart of people all over the world.

Vikas Khanna

I have never been in awe of any celebrity except for SRK and Johnny Depp but Vikas Khanna belongs to a different league. My one wish after reading about him in one of the newspapers was to meet him for real. Damn but my wish did come true!

The invitation was hand-delivered and was absolutely out of the box (pun intended).

Now that’s what I call impressive.

The moment I opened the box, I couldn’t help but laugh because nestled on a bed of straws were vegetables. to

Invite for the meet

I got to say that Saffola does believe in healthy living.

Finally the D-day dawned all sunny and bright. After a few wrong turns I managed to reach Blue Frog (venue for the meet), Mehrauli though an hour late.

My first glimpse of the legend was worth the blistering heat and the wrong turns. A celeb chef like him would have his taste buds (oops nose) up in the air, but ¬†he couldn’t have been more humble and down to earth; two qualities that are quite hard to find these days. He made a point to interact with occupants of every table and happily pose for pictures too.

In order to keep the enthusiasm and energy level perked, two contests of 20-minutes each were organised. Both the contests had a total of 12 contestants, who were selected  through a very hilarious round of Q & A. The participants were required to cook a healthy yet innovative dish with the given ingredients. They were to be judged for the taste, presentation, and innovation.

The Other Side

One of the participants of the first contest, Faizan Patel, turned out to be the inspiration behind one of the dishes that the chef prepared for the crowd.

The winners of both the contests were given Kindles (If only I had paid more attention when mom was teaching me how to cook…) for their 20-minutes of hardwork.

The best part of the entire event was the words of encouragement signed by the man himself to motivate me to start cooking (since that day I have managed to surprise my mom quite a few times!).

Vikas Khanna

The icing on this absolutely scrumptious cake were the goodies given by Saffola. It included a huge hamper with Saffola Masala Oats and other products. However, my favourite was Vikas Khanna’s cookbook: Khanna Sutra.

Hamper and the book

So, thank you Saffola for inviting me for the bloggers’ meet and making my wish come true.

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