Simply uncomplicated

I love cartoons! They are simply the most uncomplicated. Cartoons bring nothing but smile to face, well there are few that do irritate. I have my own set of favourite ones, such as Tom &Jerry, Tales Pin, Duck Tales, Alice in Wonderland…. oooh how I forget Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai, arey chhadi pehen kar phool khila hai phool khila hai. Boy I used to love Sundays!

However my absolute favourite is Tom & Jerry and will always be. There is something about it that has always made me want the same bond with a love-hate relationship. The constant bickering, pulling each others leg, a prank up our sleeves, and so many more things – I have always wanted it all.


A funny conversation with a crazy (less than me) friend made me realize that I already had a T&J equation in my life. I drive my friend and his tryig-so-hard-to-curb-patience to the brink, while he has a way of calming me down as soon as my temper starts fraying at the edges (that too with one of his PJs). I am the trouble maker in his life while he strives to sort out  (create some too) all the problems in mine. Oh I love to see him in trouble 24×7 and that is just one of the bones of contention between us. We fight and argue without wasting a second, be it day or night. Still we are each others 12-5 am friends. So, by now you must have judged that whose who in this situation. Well, he is Tom and I am self-proclaimed Jerry. I can’t help but be a troublemaker with a halo of mischief on my head.


Later, it got me thinking that it wasn’t just Tom and Jerry, my life is full of most of the cartoon characters that I see on screen. I don’t know what character should I attribute to my sister. Jerry for sure suits her but then I can even call her Chip & Dale. For now I will go with Jerry and here I am Tom. A troublemaker to the core, she plays the role of Jerry to the dot. Every time I have tried to play a prank, it has simply backfired, just the way it happens with poor  Tom. There is no prize for guessing that who has the last laugh. She runs around, plays a prank on me or others, leaves me to sort out the mess (mess is an understatement), makes me look like an idiot (recall Tom’s frustrated expression and Jerry’s smug one), and yet she is my biggest protector. She won’t let anyone else play a prank or mess with me. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect T&J equation?!

I know I am mixing cartoons with comics but I can’t resist mentioning Archie in this post. He is the cutest guy around both in print and my life, who has a way people around him, especially women. His charm and goofy grin tilts the scales in his favor more often than not. Unlike the comic, Archie in my life is not all-looks and -no-work kind of a guy. There is a sense of maturity about him that most of the people are unaware of. Hey! Work, responsibility, and all hasn’t stopped him from having Veronica and Betty in his life!

I have a Stewie, Spongebob, Goofy, Uncle Scrooge, Winnie The Pooh, and many more beautiful cartoon friends. It would have been fun telling them about too, but I shall let it be a secret for now.

P.S. There is nothing that can compete with the T&J relationship in life because that’s a bond that gets stronger and crazier after every fight. If you have one  then cherish it with all your heart.